What I learned from emotional tracking

In my last post a couple of month ago I wrote about my moodsheet and how it helps me to reflect on a daily basis. A couple of month ago Florian Schuhmacher from Quantified Self Germany invited me end of October last year to give a talk about my learnings with emotional tracking at Berlins Quantified Self meetup at hub:raum.

I recently found this 15 mins video on Vimeo.com (actually my Mum pointed it out to me 😀 ) that covers the whole talk including slides and Q&A:

What I learned from Emotion Tracking – Benjamin Bolland – Quantified Self Meetup Berlin from Florian Schumacher on Vimeo.

Talk at the Quantified Self Meetup Berlin October 23rd, 2014

Benjamin Bolland: What I learned from Emotion Tracking

Benjamin has been tracking his daily mood for a bit more than two years how. Starting with a very plain questionnaire about his daily happiness he evolved the questionnaire to a bi-daily habit of self-reflection and manual self-measurement. Benjamin will give a brief insight into this tool and talk about how he gets a better understanding of correlations between certain events in his daily routine and his mood and connection to his body.

p.s.: In my talk I also talk about my uberman sleep experiment. The blog posts got lost a while ago when changing servers but I’ll try to put them online again soon 🙂

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