To start writing you have to start writing

I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately about starting a blog, writing about their expertise and experience or just travel memories. 99% of them will probably never

start a blog. The “setup blog” task will collect dust on their todo list and eventually be deleted or just checked as done.

To start writing you have to start writing

I read this quote on a blog (can’t remember which one) a while ago and kept it in the back of my head. Despite its triviality it makes a lot of sense. People are thinking about starting a blog, they are talking about starting a blog, they are dreaming about starting a blog. They are dreaming about getting their thoughts online, establish credibility and get recognised. But only a small percentage of them actually starts to write something.
I’ve been and still are in the same situation to be honest: There are a lot of unfinished drafts, thoughts, scribbles, etc. in my Evernote that will probably never get published because I either never start writing more than the idea that popped into my head or never publish a draft because I want to make it perfect which then takes too much time.

Today again, I was thinking about this quote. But instead of what I normally do – namely putting the TODO on my list and delete it in 2 weeks time – I went online and just started typing. This post took me roughly 6.5 minutes and addresses a quite relevant topic for a lot of people. What do you want more? 😉

In the end it doesn’t matter where you write. Even writing a dairy helps a lot as it forces you articulate yourself and put the thoughts and ideas in your head into written, completed sentences (whereas in your head it’s more comparable to bullets).

Now, go start writing! NOW!

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